SIDLAB Products

SIDLAB Suite is a combination of software and hardware solutions for the analysis and measurement of sound generation and propagation inside duct networks. This can be applied to Intake and Exhaust systems, Power generation, Oil & Gas pipe networks and HVAC systems. It offers a complete characterization of the system, including both simulation and validation measurements. SIDLAB Acoustics and SIDLAB Flow design the system to have a good acoustic performance keeping the pressure drop low enough. The results are then validated using SIDLAB Measurement or SIDLAB Acquisition in the SIDLAB Rig.

SIDLAB Optimization and Parameterization tools offer larger possibilities for an efficient design. SIDLAB calculations are done in MATLAB, and the source code is offered. This is a good advantage for advanced users to perform their custom analyses. Calculation time is typically a few seconds on a normal PC. Post-processing within SIDLAB is simple and straightforward, with the possibility to save the results in different formats. SIDLAB compiles a long experience and know-how of accurate modeling for all types of duct acoustic applications in research, teaching and consulting.

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Acoustics Low Frequency

This module models the generation and propagation of low-frequency sound in complex duct networks. The frequency range is limited to the plane wave region in the connecting pipes. It is based on linear acoustic theory and all elements, e.g., a complex muffler, are reduced to two ports while terminations and sources are represented as one-ports…. Read More

Acoustics High Frequency

This module models the propagation of sound inside ducts in the high frequency range using power method. It is hard to specify accurately at which frequency this range starts but it is assumed that high frequency region begins from double to three times of cut-off frequency of the first mode, in this range a large… Read More


This module is an add-on SIDLAB Acoustics. This is a very quick 1D tool to calculate the pressure drop introduced by the designed muffler system. It calculates the flow distribution and pressure drop inside the network using a two-port formulation, and feeds the results into the acoustic calculation in SIDLAB Acoustics. The acoustic performance of… Read More


SIDLAB Acquisition is used to acquire the measurement data needed to characterize the passive acoustic properties (e.g. Transmission Loss) of two-port elements (e.g. exhaust or intake mufflers). SIDLAB Acquisition is provided together with a Data Acquisition System and the measurement microphones. It automates the measurement procedures accounting for different theoretical and practical considerations. Different excitations… Read More

Measurement Rig

Muffler Performance Measurement Mufflers are widely used to reduce the exhaust and intake noise of fluid machines for different applications. Every muffler has to be tailored carefully to the engine to which it is connected. One very important tool of muffler design is the measurement of its properties, acoustic performance, and pressure drop. The introduction… Read More